Part Buyers Authority - Issue 3

Aerospace Parts Innovation
(and why it matters to part buyers)

This issue discusses the latest technologies in regards to metal part manufacturing for the aerospace industry. The authors in this issue detail the high level of quality required for their airplane, space, and military customers. Buyers of parts will appreciate how they describe specifically what happens on the production floor to make these high performing complex parts.

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Part Buyers Authority - Issue 2

Transportation Parts Innovation
(and why it matters)

This issue discusses Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, processes, part handling and consulting services that are specific to the transportation industry. It also showcases solutions for part buyers to understand the technologies behind the scenes to enhance working relationships with their vendors

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Part Buyers Authority - Issue 1

Metal Parts Additive Manufacturing Innovation
(and why it matters)

In the last decade, new waves of technology have been crashing over the foundry and metal forming markets. Leading part manufacturers have brought these tools in-house, and now provide new options that compress lead

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